Shake - A Campus Startup

I founded 'Fluids' with three co-founders in 2009. It is a Kiosk creating a milkshake that is 'Thicker, Long-lasting and in style'. We brought a unique food product to the market. Our outlets in the future will be semi-mobile kiosks. We are innovating both with our product and the way we sell it. Our goal was to create India's first exclusive Milkshake brand, and after our initial model in our campus, the experience that we gained gave us a way to address to several nutritional issues. In a campus, people always prefer to have food that doesn't take much effort to handle. The customers in a school/college campus don't want to spoil their hands or their clothes while handling their food. Now, they can have our milkshake with one hand, not necessarily have to stay at one place. They can carry it to their classrooms, and enjoy it longer. Above all, our product is affordable, healthy and adds a style quotient.

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