Stained - The Film

Stained is a 2009 film written, produced & directed by me with a team I put together the same way the big guy in a heist film identifies his team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this film making process throughout writing, shooting and post-production, and finally its big screen release in a film festival organized at a multiplex in Chennai, India. I owe it big to my friends who lent me money, shared ideas, spent late nights brainstorming and finally helped me reach as many audience possible through screening at various festivals. I consider the creative experience I gained through this film as the best in my life.

Poster 1 - Stained - short film - year 2009
Original Title Soundtrack
The Film
Script of the Narration
Shooting Script and production notes
Original Score - musical notations
Title brainstorming
Photos from the shoot
Photos from the post-production sessions
DVD Label
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