Film editing is something I set out to learn after I started my term at IDC. An opportunity came along in the form of a classroom exercise where we were given a freehand in making a video of any kind. After considering a few interesting options, I decided to collect videos I have captured in my cell phones over a period of three years and weave them together by connecting them visually and creating meaning. Through careful cuts and a rhythm, the otherwise meaningless dump of found footage found meaning in this one minute clip.
The process started with going through piles of videos I have backed-up in my onedrive and google drive (I capture quite a lot of videos randomly, almost at the rate of an hour per month on my cellphone). Then I shortlisted the ones I didn't mind showing to the world. I wove together a narrative to twin the clips with smiliar synactic meanings. Below it is for your eyes!
Shot and edited by: Aswin Yogesh R
Cameras: Sony Xperia Z, OnePlus 2
Editing suite: Adobe Premiere CC
Course: Image making and representations by Prof. Raja Mohanty

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