This is the first interactive high fidelity prototype I developed. Also the first Mobile Banking project undertaken by Market Simplified India Ltd., my employers. Kotak Mahindra Bank wanted to give their customers the convenience of banking on their mobile phones. Now, with this application, they can experience the benefits of online banking anywhere and anytime, without the need for a computer. All this convenience comes to their customers in a secure and user friendly application built by Market Simplified.
My role was foucused on understanding the existing banking system of Kotak Mahindra Bank, learning the requirements and running them into a low fidelity mobile banking prototype first and convert them into a high fidelity interactive prototype. I had to learn the Banking concepts and undrstand the target users through user testing and interviews.
The prototype was put through rigorous user testing and customer feedback cycles and was shaped through multiple iterations. The final high fidelity prototype was then released for development.

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